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A Little About Us

Mentoring and Development Online Course

At Crown Coaching and Training, we recognise the importance of being empowered to direct your career and professional development.

Our client focused approach means that you are the centre of our business.  We support you throughout your journey to ensure that you reach your career goals that bring you professional fulfilment. 

Services that Crown Coaching and Training bring to you

Mentoring and Development

Professional mentoring and development is both supportive and challenging.  The process supports the professional practice of professional who are seeking learning and development opportunities for conversations about practice, ideas and challenges.  The process enhances self-awareness which facilitates self-learning, professionalism and high-level performance.

The course consists of a core program to provide the relevant knowledge and skills to enhance your professional practice.  Two optional modules are also offered for additional skill development.

Accredited PD training with NSW Education Standards Authority

Benefits of mentoring

  • Support for the Mentee as they discuss relevant issues and challenges, to gain insight into new ideas and ways of thinking
  • Develop strengths and overcome weakness, develop new skills and knowledge to attain career goals
  • Guidance on personal and professional development and career advancement
  • Increase self-confidence and improved work performance through valuable feedback or suggestions
  • Enhance self-awareness which facilitates self-learning, professionalism and high-level performance
  • Empower the Mentee to develop and take better control of his or her career

Career Counselling and Coaching

Find your ideal career, or progress to the next step whether you are starting your career, re-entering the workforce, have lost your job, or planning a new job.

We will work with you to:

  • Develop goals and an action plan to achieve your goals
  • Overcome obstacles with practical strategies
  • Gain fresh perspectives
  • Develop new skills and habits
  • Increase your confidence
  • Feel positive and fulfilled in your career and life

We will support your job application with:

  • Resume check
  • Cover letter check
  • LinkedIn profile check
  • Interview preparation and practice

Short courses

Crown Coaching and Training is able to offer you and your organisation online, webinar and face-to-face training to support your business needs and requirements. Courses include:

  • Mentoring and Development
  • Advanced Business Skills and Management Skills training program
  • Job seeking program for successful applications

Advanced Business/Management Skills training program

Develop a specific skill by enrolling in a short course, or study the complete Advanced Business/ Management skills training program to provide you with well rounded business communication and leadership skills.  Program skills include:

  1. Business Operations
  2. Business Communication Skills
  3. Business Leadership Skills

Job seeking program for career success

To help you find your next job, we have written job seeking programs to provide the ‘how to’ with your applications.  Topics include:

  • Goal planning – plan to succeed
  • Writing your cover letter – an accompany to your resume
  • Resume writing – your self- marketing tool
  • Interview skills – create a positive first impression

Retirement Coaching

As individuals are living longer, your retirement may stretch 20, 25 or 30 years.

Achieving a successful retirement requires both financial and lifestyle planning to find purpose and satisfaction.  Retirement coaching will support you to make the transition to a meaningful retirement.

Mentoring and Development Online Training Course

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Online Job Seeking Skills – licensed best practice career tools to increase your organisation’s employment outcomes

It is an outstanding and high quality program that offers many features and benefits.  The course can be customised to the needs of Organisations and Providers, and will assist you to provide a high quality ‘value add’ service that is compliant, and achieves the required outcomes of assisting job seekers to attain employment.  For job seekers it is easy to use, provides assessment tools for professional development, and assists the job seeker in the job application process and to find a job.  The online job seeking program provides the job seeker with psychometric assessment, Indeed integrated job search job board, job seeking skills content, videos and a recording system for job interviews.  Features include:

Job Search Tools

Includes Indeed-integrated job search, event calendar and registration, opportunity tracking, career research, psychometric assessments, and resume building and management. These tools encourage job seekers to take action, track their progress, and discover their next opportunity successfully without missing a single step.

Video Help and Tutorials

Videos on a range of topics.  A popular feature is the ability of the system to video tape the job seeker’s interview practice.  This provides powerful feedback and learning to the individual.  The video help reduces administrative burden in assisting job seekers with FAQs and best practices regarding how and why the portal should be used.

Communication Tools

Allows the case manager and the job seeker to message each other directly within the portal. Additionally, case managers can target their messages to particular groups and set up triggered communications to inform and encourage job seekers.

Tracking and Reporting Tools

These tools enable case managers and administrators to report on client engagement and overall progress in the job search campaigns as well as show accountability in the delivery of the support services.

Engagement Tools

Located in strategic places throughout the portal, these can be customised to encourage job seekers to take particular actions around their job search, either within the portal or as part of the external plans.

Mobile Device Enabled

This ensures that in an increasingly mobile and connected world, job seekers will stay engaged with the job search campaign no matter where they are.

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Training Testimonials

Laura Hewson
Laura Hewson

Team Leader, Melbourne Real Estate Pty Ltd

Thank you so much for coming and training us in Conflict Resolution. The team got so much out of it, and still talk about tools they use.

Gina Liu
Gina Liu

Senior Pathway Advisor

Thanks Leah for having provided fantastic training. I did enjoy the course and learnt a lot.

I am interested in continuing my study in this direction so I will think about taking up further study in Graduate Diploma.

James Alexander
James Alexander

Account Manager

Thanks again for your patience and support throughout the duration of the course. I couldn’t have completed without your support and assistance.

Judith Ayre
Judith Ayre

Senior Lecturer & School of Counselling Academic Head

Leah, this is awesome, something to be really proud of. I am so glad you are here but more than that, that you are offering yourself and your expertise to the world. The world is clearly a better place for your presence. Thanks again for everything.

Janette Brien
Janette Brien

Rehabilitation Consultant

I would like to thank you for supporting me through your extensive supply of resources and experience in successfully completing the Foundations in Career Development Practice, CHCSS00005 Career Development Skills Set.

The facilitated delivery included a blend of monthly webinars, on-line resources and relevant workplace assignment tasks that have built my confidence to coach my clients toward achieving their desired goals.

Your feedback of my work was invaluable as it taught me to work smarter, more efficiently, providing me with more effective results and happier clients.

So, thank you very much for all your input over last 7 months!

Penny Azzi
Penny Azzi

Director, The Kazbah Group

I really enjoyed this training a lot and it was very beneficial not only to me but my organisation.  The course facilitator used her wealth of knowledge and experience to provide us with real examples that I could utilise within my organisation.  The content was user friendly and high quality. The support and guidance was outstanding throughout the program.  I would highly recommend this course and look forward to my next program with the course facilitator and the Team.

Tracey Walker
Tracey Walker

Learning and Development Manager, Ayers Rock Resort

I was lucky enough to have the course facilitator as my TAE trainer.  With a blended delivery of on-line content and weekly Skype one-on-one sessions, I found this learning experience to be one of the best of my adult life.  She set me challenges and workplace assignments that made the learning very relevant and effective.  Her various training techniques were both stimulating and innovative, which was extremely advantageous as I was able to use these same techniques with my Trainees.

Jack L. Harris
Jack L. Harris

Prof Emeritus

With Leah’s enthusiastic approach I was motivated to examine much more than the basic requirements of the course. Her depth of knowledge in this arena not only surprised me but empowered me to pursue all aspects of it to ensure I had a really good understanding of what it entailed. Leah had presented the course in a professional yet warm and personal way and which allowed her students to become closely acquainted with the subject. Her passion for helping others is highly evident and via this avenue she is able to encourage others to be the change they want to see in themselves and in the world around them.

Richard Fowler
Richard Fowler

Student, Foundations in Career Development Practice

I have been able to demonstrate many of the elements of the course immediately, and see the results in provoking the right conversations, as well as providing areas of focus that aid in alleviating tensions, and pointing toward solutions. Leah has pitched the course to comprehensively cover pertinent topics with her own flair, in a manner befitting high quality professional development. I would recommend it wherever applicable.


Hospitality and Retail

‘The courses are good. I enjoy studying online in my home. It is easier and preferable to going to university. Staff are supportive, assisting me to succeed.’



‘Leah is a wealth of information and useful in terms of teaching content. It has been vital to how we learn and apply the skills.’

Nikki McCartney
Nikki McCartney

Management Consultant

“I’m blown away! This is fabulous! The Foundations unit I looked at has so many great educational principles built in and all using that digital world so well.”

Counselling Testimonials



‘Leah, you have assisted me to broaden my career options beyond what I was considering.’



‘A real insight, I can see how far behind I was – beautiful!’



‘Leah, you have been absolutely invaluable today. Worth more than your weight in gold.’


Leah Shmerling is a Workshop Leader for Small Business Victoria.
Programs that Leah facilitates include:
  • Business Networking
  • Get Your Business Organised
  • Getting the Right Staff
  • Keeping the Right Staff



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Benefit To You

Your professional and personal development will ‘add value’ to your work role, the organisation and importantly, to your life.


Retirement is a time of great change, and a chance to begin an exciting new phase of your life. But like anything done well, it takes planning. While everyone thinks they are ready to retire, not everyone is truly prepared. That’s why Retirement Options created its retirement readiness assessments, the LifeOptions Profile™ and the Retirement Success Profile™. Feedback from these assessments helps individuals gauge their current retirement readiness and build a comprehensive plan to live their retirement dreams.

Should you take a retirement readiness assessment? Follow the link below and answer the eight short, seemingly straight-forward questions to help you determine if a retirement readiness assessment is right for you.

Click here to take the quiz

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<strong>FREE DOWNLOAD</strong> Your Career Journey: A Reflection of the Past and Present
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FREE DOWNLOAD Your Career Journey: A Reflection of the Past and Present

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